Glass for Picture Frames

Clarity by Larson Juhl is water white and virtually invisible. With its amazing anti-glare and reflection characteristics, Clarity by Larson Juhl is an immediate contender for use in displays requiring museum glass or art glass, where exhibits are required to be shown in optimum conditions.

Clarity by Larson Juhl reduces reflections to less than 1% (the <1% remaining reflection is blue which is more appealing to the eye), and has 70% and 92% respectively UV filtering.

For ease of handling, the smooth surface is simple to clean, with a durable and scratch-resistant coating. No special cleaning products are required and both sides of the product hold the same properties. This means that either side of the glass can be placed against the art.

Clarity by Larson Juhl has always been an original and innovative product, delivering stunning results for any framing project. This new look and feel to the brand further adds to its appeal. In comparison to alternative glass, there is no question that Clarity by Larson Juhl totally sells itself.